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Tona Yapı & Safe İnşaat Adi Ortaklığı takes care to protect your privacy. Please read the privacy policy of website carefully.

This privacy policy is prepared for website and aims to inform users of about personal data usage, website terms of use and user's responsibilities.

If the privacy policy is not appropriate or sufficient for you, please do not use the site. Otherwise, using the web page means that you accept this privacy policy. 

General Informationi

The website does not collect any personal data and information of users. When this information is provided voluntarily by the visitors, they can surf in the web page but they are not able to make sales transactions on the Internet. Personal data (such as name, surname, e-mail address, contact information etc.) provided by visitors voluntarily under this privacy policy is not shared with third parties, sold, rented, or otherwise used. This privacy policy available only to website and does not available to advertising and promotions on websites owned by third parties. Personal Information and Data Usage

Surfing in the Web Site 

Using the website voluntarily and providing personal information means that the current privacy policy and terms and conditions set forth on this site are accepted. Personal information can be collected by requesting visitors to make a house sell reservation, fill out a questionnaire or send an e-newsletter. As long as you don't provide this information voluntarily, no information is collected during your visits to our site. As in standard web servers, log files are kept for statistical purposes at website. Recorded files, IP address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), Browser features (Chrome, Edge, Safari etc Windows), Operating system features (Windows, Centos, Ubuntu, Pardus etc. contains standard information like surfing information between web site pages. Retained log files are used for statistical purposes only and your personal privacy is not violated. For the social network sharing buttons created in different areas on the website, you can read the links below for the privacy policies and terms of use of the service provider concerned.





Security system takes the standard security measures provided by technology. We would like to inform users that the security measures taken have not completely eliminated the potential security risks.

Cookies and Terms of Use uses cookie technology for user registration and website functions. Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved on your computer on websites.

Cookies are used by the website and third party partners. The purpose of this is to ensure that ads and campaigns that may be of interest to users are shown to users and that users' site statistics are generated. uses the website to announce the campaigns it organizes, to share the issues that may be of interest to the visitors, and to keep them informed about the different services and activities with the content. web site has the right to change and update the terms and conditions unilaterally without prior notice. reserves the right to change and cancel this Privacy Policy. 

Contact Us

You may use this link to provide us an opinion on this Privacy Policy or to contact us about the breach of the Privacy Policy. uses e-Bulletin membership to inform users about current developments. The information requested for e-bulletin membership is not shared with third parties except the e-bulletin application.