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İncek area is on rise due to its clean air and low traffic congestion, which appeals to high-income group of Ankara and has been shaped around 2-storey garden houses. Especially after TED college moved its campus to İncek area, new housing production has soared in the area. At the stage of designing the architectural project, a large landscape area in the center and the housing blocks surrounding such area constituted the main design and layout of the project. While developing the house typologies, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 apartments and houses with a larger than average area which we describe as garden duplex were placed in 8 horizontal blocks, whereas houses with a smaller area were gathered in 2 towers.

At the time of placing the houses within the project, the north front of the building plot overlooking the hospital was considered for layouts of towers and towers were gathered at the far northern point of the land so that horizontal blocks will not be dwarfed by the shadow of towers. This situation has enabled 2 L-shaped housing and tower blocks to be appropriately placed on the building plot and when criteria such as tower-horizontal block separation are taken into account, it has been seen that the current layout is a design that makes the best use of the land's potential and moves the existing potential to higher points. Sun simulations were carried out and since the horizontal blocks are located on the east-west axis, both the right hand side and the left hand side have been placed so that the sunlight penetrates through 2 facades. The towers were designed so that they will not block view and sunlight of each other does at the time of placement.

When looking at the project from the high street, there are 3 horizontal blocks in the right hand side and the tower which is linked to such horizontal blocks by means of a social facility, and on the left hand side, 5 horizontal blocks the tower 2 which is linked to these blocks by means of the the second social facility. The maximum number of housing to be built in the building plot is 524. 484 houses were designed on the existing project. Of 484 houses in total, there are 188 2+1 houses. As can be seen in the distribution percentage table of apartments, 39% of the total number of houses consists of 2+1 apartments. The portion equal to 61% consists of 3+1 and larger apartments. This is a crucial aspect in terms of the general character of the project and quality perception.

40% of the total number of apartments was gathered in the horizontal blocks and, thus, the project was intended to give the feeling of horizontal construction, separating itself from high-rise housing to a possible extent.

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Since direct living areas of horizontal blocks were placed so that they have a view over the social area, whereas towers were placed so that they overlook İncek and Ankara for they elevate to the scenic point with a perfect as they rise from the ground.

Collecting the heating system in one place was considered reasonable considering the factors such as cost and efficiency,

The heating plant designed in the area lying between 2 towers, which is buried, was kept away from the central pond and the landscape area. The hard floor designed for the heating plant also created a suitable floor for the tennis-basketball court. Thus, the ball sound and noise likely to arise in this area will be shifted away from the middle landscape area, thereby, offering a calmer and quieter environment at the horizontal blocks.

While designing horizontal blocks, areas we call the living room, kitchen and sun room in all types of apartments including 3 + 1, 4 + 1, 5 + 1 and garden duplex were intended to have a view over the large landscaping area in the middle and all plans were based on such concept. On the other hand, bedrooms face the periphery outside the building plot. Apartments within the horizontal blocks are connected to the fire escape and each apartment at the horizontal blocks is connected to the fire safety hall. These spaces provide an area of use in addition to the apartment for the user. In horizontal blocks, each apartment was designed with a balcony area which can be closed as a sun room. At the designing phase of houses, the outside space was integrated into the house to a possible extent with the use of sun rooms and large windows made it possible to feel the landscaping area.

During the project process that lasted for about 1.5 years, I and my team designed the project with a great excitement and self-devotion. After the project is built, we estimate that the project will create a positive change in design standards of the region thanks to its distinct features.  We wish our users to enjoy Duru (clear) life we have been dreaming of.